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+ Can I buy furniture directly at the factory?

No. Móveis Primavera markets its products only to partner stores that serve retail in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

+ I need technical assistance, how do I proceed?

To request technical assistance for any product from Móveis Primavera, you must go to the store where the product was purchased. Salespeople will know how to best fulfill your request. Remember to have the invoice in hand, and don't forget to check the warranty period.

+ How do I clean my furniture?

To keep your furniture clean, use a dry or damp cloth. Never use chemicals that could damage the product. When installing the furniture, if possible, do not touch the wall directly to avoid mold.

+ How to find a partner store in my city?

Access and Where to find - Móveis Primavera and find the physical store by state and city.

+ What is the difference between MDP and MDF?

MDF is an English acronym that stands for Medium-density fiberboard. It is manufactured by agglutinating wood fibers with synthetic resins and other additives. The wood is shredded, and these are cooked in steam and pressure, separating evenly. Subsequently, they are bonded with resins and undergo a heat and pressing process that gives them the desired size. MDP is the abbreviation for Medium Density Particleboard. It consists of agglutinated wood particles, which guarantees greater resistance in relation to warping, fixing the pieces and humidity, in addition to being ecologically correct.

+ What is the warranty period?

Móveis Primavera offers 90 days warranty on all product lines against manufacturing defects, provided by law.