This document, hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”, details the way in which Móveis Primavera Ltda., A company based in strett Bartolomeu de Gusmão, nº 3300, Canudos, Novo Hamburgo – RS, CEP 93.546-000, registered with CNPJ under No. 91.694.810/0001-40, it collects, stores, shares and discards the personal data of users of its products and services, and of its commercial partners.

Acceptance of the premises provided for in the Privacy Policy is a requirement for navigation of the Móveis Primavera website.


1.1. For the purposes of reading and interpreting this document, the terms listed will have the meaning as provided below:

• (a) User: Any person, whether natural or legal, be it a customer or business partner that provides User Data for navigation on the website.

• (b) User Data: Identifying data for a given user, subdivided, for the purposes of this document, into: personal data (such as, but not limited to: name, surname, sex, rg, cpf, e-mail address, address residential, telephone, date of birth); browsing data (such as but not limited to: product pages viewed, length of stay in a particular product).

• (c) Cookies: Files, created automatically and stored on the Users’ devices (computers, mobile devices, etc.) when accessing sites on the internet, and which store data identifying the device and navigation.


2.1. The purpose of the collection, storage and sharing of user data on the website is due both to the commercialization and to the fulfillment of legal obligations and standards, such as:

• Personalization of pages and recommendation of content: We use your preferences, for example, the type of product most visited, to facilitate your next visits and making your access easier.


3.1.  Móveis Primavera only collects User Data for legitimate purposes and in complete compliance with the legislation and standards established by inspection bodies of market practices, both national and international.

3.2. The collection of User Data can be carried out in a:

• (a) Manual and voluntary: by filling out forms by the User (examples: filling in data such as name, e-mail and telephone).

• (b) Automated via software: when basic information on access pattern, device type and other information not directly identifiable is collected in an automated way and stored on the User side by means of cookies. And, also, communicated to our suppliers, which can be stored and processed on both sides of the communication.


4.1. All User Data collected is stored on Móveis Primavera servers and databases, all in full compliance with good market practices and using channel encryption for the traffic of this information on public networks (internet).

4.2. User Data will be stored until:

• (a) That the User requests his exclusion, pursuant to item 7.1, “a” of this Policy;

• (b) That Móveis Primavera decides to make the data unusable, in its sole discretion;

• (c) That the exclusion of data is determined by a governmental authority (administrative or judicial);

• (d) That after the selection process is closed, the resumes sent will be irreversibly discarded within the 30-day period.


5.1. Móveis Primavera carries out user data processing operations in full compliance with the limits provided for in Law 13.709 of 2018 and other regulations in force.

5.2. User Data is used by Móveis Primavera in the following possible ways:

• (a) Anonymized, when deprived of personal data that allow the individualization of the User (example: for the preparation of studies and management and statistical reports);

• (b) Encrypted, when data must be transmitted, internally or externally, securely and in accordance with encryption standards (eg, payment data capture and transmission);

• (c) Not anonymised, when encryption and personal data are unnecessary, they must be used and / or shared with partners, under the terms of the permissions provided for in item 5.3.

5.3. Móveis Primavera may share user data with law enforcement and judicial authorities, as well as with the person who owns the data, when notified to do so, or at its own discretion, when it deems the sharing necessary or appropriate to cooperate with fraud investigations ( misuse of third party personal and financial data) or any other type of illegal activity by Users.

5.4. When sharing data with third parties, with the transport companies that carry out or will carry out the freight, with the tax authorities due to the incidence of taxes, with the application providers, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest.

5.5. Are shared with Móveis Primavera partners (national or international) for the purpose of consulting databases with credit protection purposes such as: SERASA, SPC, SCR – BACEN;


6.1. When browsing the website and its social networks, the User expressly agrees that his User Data are:

• (a) Used to personalize your navigation on Móveis Primavera’s website and social networks (eg optimization of search results; visualization of product listings; visualization of promotional banners); (b) Included in receiving lists of communications from Móveis Primavera (via e-mail; text messages via SMS or Whatsapp and the like), including offers and promotions, with their effectiveness permitted or disabled according to the opt-in and opt functions -out available in the client’s authenticated area;

• (c) Improvement of services: User data is used to improve performance, content disposition, change journeys, among others.

• (d) Personalization of pages and recommendation of content: We use your preferences, for example, the type of product most visited, to facilitate your next visits and making your access easier.

7.1. The User is provided with:

• (a) Delete, partially or totally, your user data from Móveis Primavera databases, upon request through the contact form.

• (b) Delete Cookies, through a procedure performed at your own risk on your own devices;

• (c) Be removed from the lists of receipt of offers and promotions through the removal link contained in the messages sent;

• (e) Do not browse through the digital means of Móveis Primavera, if you do not agree with any terms provided for in this Policy.


8.1. Cookies are files that are stored on your computer or mobile device, created by the websites you visit. They make the online experience of users easier, saving browsing information. With cookies, websites can keep users connected by reminding them of their website preferences and providing relevant content locally.

Cookies are generally used to:

• Track your preferences to send only ads of interest to you;

• Track the items stored in your shopping cart;

• Conducting research and diagnostics to improve content, products and services;

• Prevent fraudulent activities;

• Improve security.

The user can block or reject our cookies, and as a consequence he will not be able to add items to his shopping cart, proceed to checkout or use our products and services within the authenticated area.

For more information and details about cookies, click on ‘Help’ in your browser settings to find out how to prevent you from accepting cookies and to be notified when new ones are received; to see when they expire and also to disable them.


9.1. Móveis Primavera is committed to:

• (a) in addition to complying with security standards required by regulations, use your best efforts to maintain the privacy of user data, using information security technology and protocols, observing the state of the art available in accordance with market standards ;

• (b) delete User Data upon request;

• (c) update User Data upon request;

• (d) only enter into partnerships with third parties that involve data sharing if these third parties also undertake to comply with all standards and obligations required by law with respect to the collection, storage and processing of data;

• (e) report to the competent authorities and Users any events that involve undue exposure of the User Data, as well as use their best efforts to avoid losses to Users due to such events;

9.2. Móveis Primavera is not responsible for damages suffered by Users when: (i) it has not carried out the data processing assigned to it; (ii) although the data processing that was attributed to it was carried out, there was no violation of the data protection law; (iii) the damage results from the sole fault of the data subject or a third party.

9.3. This Privacy Policy may be changed unilaterally by Móveis Primavera at any time. Móveis Primavera is committed to publishing the text of the new policy on all its websites, platforms and portals, notifying users of the update. Any access made by users after changing the Privacy Policy will imply tacit acceptance of the new conditions provided for.


All contact regarding treatment, privacy and data protection can be made through direct communication by email with the data protection officer. For this, the email must be used.

In order to exercise the rights established by the Law, the user can contact both the data protection officer, in the aforementioned email, or get in touch with Móveis Primavera service channels:

• Confirmation of the existence of treatment;

• Access to data;

• Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

• Anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or treated data that does not comply with the provisions of this Law;

• Data portability to another service or product provider, upon express request, in accordance with the regulations of the national authority, observing commercial and industrial secrets;

• Elimination of personal data processed with the consent of the holder;

• Information from public and private entities with which the controller has shared the use of data;

• Information about the possibility of not providing consent and about the consequences of the refusal;

• Revocation of consent.

Updated April 15, 2021.

Móveis Primavera Ltda.